“An organization may have great ideas and great goals, but a graphic designer can put them together in a way that is appealign, that enhances consumer perception.”

As our local market becomes more competitive the ever growing reach of technology, the need for that eye catching graphic becomes more and more valuable to a business. Every company in the world has some sort of graphic design involved within their company. Whether it is the brochure that you’re picking up from the store, the menu you look at when orering dinner, or the large sign over the front door. It is everywhere. We live in a culture in which we are bombarded constantly by information and commercial messages. Every company is easger to find a way to separate themselves from the rest. “They want to stand out”

Quality graphic design is one way to help you stand ou from the rest.

Bays printing’s Graphic Design department knows how to improve your marketing materials in many ways.

First, a well-designed piece, will support and enhance your message using visual language. We process the information on many levels, both verbally and non-verbally. Graphic designers will ensure that your message comes across in the most effective and efficient manner. Our graphic designers also enhance the readability of your materials. They will select colors, typefaces, sizes of text, and imagery, then lay out these materials in a way that guides the readers eye through the messages.

When you work with Bays Printing’s graphic designer or any other designer make sure to ask these questions when evaluating the final products:

•Is the concept visually appealing?
•Is it clean and uncluttered?
•Does the information flow?
•Is it organized and easy for people to read?
•How do the colors feel to you?
•Do these concepts reflect your organization?
•Once your organization establishes its visual look or identity, it’s important to be consistent.

Create graphic standards for ALL visual representations, like newsletters, event calendars, and letterhead. Having a signature look is critical. When you are ready for your next project make sure you share the following information to us:

•the goals of the project
•the desired action you need to achieve from the piece
•who the target audience is
•your budgetary parameters
•what components, such as copy, photography, illustrations, charts, required logos
•how or will the piece will be mailed and most importantly, how you want your organization to be reflected.

At Bays Printing we take care of all of these issues for you. Once your BRANDING is set, we will make sure that all of your visual materials be consisten and adhere to the look of your company’s identity.